South Central Association Conference Band

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Audition Information & Procedures

Auditions will be held at Mountain Grove HS this year!  They are scheduled for:

TUESDAY - JANUARY ??, 2021 @ 4:00pm
SNOW DATE:  Tuesday - January ??, 2021 @ 4:00pm
Mountain Grove High SChool, Mountain Grove, MO
The Hosting School will send out more information as the event gets closer.

Please have an AUDITION INFORMATION SHEET filled out prior to your arrival at auditions (including doubling preferences)!!  This helps us know how many of each instrument we should expect to audition in our rooms. 
Also, there is a $35 clinician fee that each school district is responsible for bringing. Please have this with you for auditions. Here is a copy of an INVOICE if you need one.

Junior High Audition Music: 

The SCA junior high audition music will be taken from various available method books. There will be 3 or more exercises included in the audition material.

All junior high students will be required to play at least one octave of the following scales:
     Concert B-flat
     Concert E-flat
     Concert B-flat chromatic

Scales are concert pitch NOT written pitch. Scales must be MEMORIZED for the audition.

Junior high percussionists are required to audition on BOTH mallets and snare drum.

Any questions concerning the SCA Band Audition materials or location should be directed to:

Chris Sacco, Ava R-I Schools - Materials
Daniel & Melinda VanAalsberg, Mt. Grove - Location